There has been an alarming increase in the number of mobile users in the world in the past few years. Android Operating System is the most used operating system. The more the users of android phones the more is the scope for the development of android app development.

Mobile app development is playing an integral role in today’s business as it takes your business to the customers 24/7. It acts as a reliable and efficient virtual assistant. When there are other operating systems like Windows, iOS, and blackberry, etc., why should you choose android app development? Let’s dig in.

1. More reach

The number of android users in the world is almost double the number of iOS users. Android apps run on more devices than their iOS counterparts. It does not need a big mathematical calculation to know that android has more customers and has more reach. Businesses are concerned about the reach more than anything else.

When the reach is more, the downloads made are more and the profit earned is also more. The wider audience is one of the main reasons why android app development is more preferred.

2. Easier development

Android is open-source. There is no supremacy fee and permitting fee for android device developers and android app developers. It gives the developers free access to all sections of code that they need for their apps. The Android Software Development Kit or SDK can be downloaded for free. With little effort, android apps can be developed within a few hours. The app market is growing rapidly.

Every business is looking for groundbreaking apps to make sure their apps stand out. Android mobile app development gives room for innovation and customization. The level of complexity is more in the iOS platform than android.

3.High ROI

As android is an open ecosystem, the development of android apps is cost-effective. Most apps are available free of cost in the play store. Moreover, the android apps get automatically updated in the play store.

So, you just have to make a one-time payment and not enormous payments the entire year. The share of Android in the smartphone market is 84%. The cost is low but the target customer base is high. This assures a high return on investment. If you are building an eCommerce app, the android app is the best option as it promises more profits and more ROI. You will end up saving a lot of money with android apps.

4. Easier to shift to other platforms

Android apps can be easily shifted to other platforms like Symbian and Ubuntu using Java. It is beneficial for business owners as they can target other platforms. Targeting more platforms increases the number of users.

5. Multiple channels for distribution and sales

Some channels rely on a single market for distribution. One of the biggest pluses of android is that it can be deployed in many ways.

You can form your sales and distribution channel or you can use a third-party marketplace or develop new application stores. The option for reaching end users through multiple channels is a big advantage for android app development.

6.Best user experience

Best user experience is essential for high retention rates. User-friendly and supportive Android apps can be developed by the developers as they get more control over the user experience.

The Android interface is simple without any ambiguity. This avoids confusion and makes it clear for the end-user. Users are looking for easy-to-use apps with familiar features. This assures a better user experience. When your app provides the best experience to the users, customer loyalty will get boosted and the conversion rates will be higher.

7. Multiple devices

Android app development is more than mobile app development. The same toolset of applications can be used for a variety of applications including android TV and wearables etc. Android TVs are smart TVs with inbuilt entertainment apps like Netflix, YouTube, Prime, and HotStar, etc. It also has an integrated Google assistant with features like voice search and Google Play apps etc.

 Wearables are the future of businesses as remote working has become the new normal. Using android application development for wearables is beneficial because android apps are easier to customize. It is more versatile and scalable.

When wearables with Android apps are used by employers and employees it helps in increasing productivity, boosting employee morale, improving owner-staff communication, and decreasing workplace accidents. Android apps are the best option for wearable devices and hence are more preferred than other platforms.

In the future android app development is to make a big impact in automobiles to give access to vehicle sensors and data.      

Android app development is beneficial for chrome books too.

Android app development is going beyond smartphones at a faster pace. With its multiple-device access, android app development is better.

8. Fewer barriers

A developer needs Mac to develop an iOS app but android app development is more flexible with fewer barriers. It can be created using Mac or Linux or Windows. Moreover, the entry cost is lesser for android developers when compared to iOS developers.

Android is the brainchild of Google that gives it several advantages. An android app will be approved within 24 hours after deploying in Google Play. Moreover, it can be updated as many times as you like whereas to update an iOS app you have to submit an application and undergo a long process. Lesser barriers, faster deployment, and quick updates make android win the race.   

9. More flexibility

Android app development has more flexible features that make it more customizable. Businesses can make a lot of customized functions and features to suit the needs of their users.

10. Smartphone market

The statistical data of the last five years shows that the android market is consistently increasing globally. The market of smartphones has a direct impact on mobile app development. Recent data shows that the smartphone market is dominated by android phones and their sale is more than 85% of the total smartphone sale.

The number of downloads of android apps is significantly more. The statistics of the android phones in the market and the downloads of android apps are enough to know about the importance of android app development.

11. Interoperability in business

Every business management has different operational departments. Business management is made easy by android apps. All systems of a business run hand in hand with the help of apps. Android apps are not only helpful and effective for marketing but also for business management.

It can interoperate with cross platforms and help in business operations. This makes android app developments the better choice for all types and sizes of businesses. It suits the needs of start-ups,  small businesses, and corporations.   

The reasons for the importance of android app development are manifold. From the marketing point of view, the demographics are favorable for android app development. It adapts to the latest technologies and innovations.

It is the right decision for businesses to start their digital journey if they prefer openness and independence. Its booming popularity will have a positive impact on your business and help you to attain your business goals.