Do you know how these Youtubers create tutorial videos? Most YouTubers take the help of some third-party software programs for creating tutorial videos.

There are lots of software available that you can use for creating tutorials. However, there are huge costs involved with the use of these software programs and it is not possible for everyone to use these software programs. So, here we are going to mention some cheap tutorial-making software that both beginners and professionals can use.

What is the best software for making video tutorials?

To help you decide the best suitable video creating software, we have shortlisted some of the best affordable tutorial video creator software.


DemoBuilder is one of the most affordable yet simplified tutorial video maker software. It has a whole range of tools and animation that lets you create professional and interactive tutorial videos.

To make your tutorial or lecture video more engaging, you can add an animated character who will talk in your voice. It has all the features that let you create an eye-catching and interactive tutorial video that surely will get the maximum number of views.

This screen recorder software supports only Windows devices.

Features of DemoBuilder

DemoBuilder has a wide range of exciting and useful tools that will help you to create informative yet amazing tutorial videos.

  • Recording: You can record your screen in high quality by using DemoBuilder. It allows you to record the full screen, an active tab, or a custom area of the screen.
  • Virtual Characters: The character feature lets you create an interactive tutorial video with an auto animate function. You can direct your character to greet, walk, talk or give an explanation during the video.
  • Animation: DemoBuilder provides you with brightly colored, moving animations that grab the attention of the viewer that maximize the views of your recorded tutorial videos.
  • Zoom Area: The zoom area features let you highlight a specific area to show views of the action happening in the background in real-time instead of just displaying a static image.
  • Narration: While editing your recorded video, you can also record the mic audio that you can play in the background in your video.
  • Export & Sharing: DemoBuilder lets you export your movie in H264, flash, or even as a sequence of images. Also, you can directly share your recorded and edited video on Youtube and the cloud.

How much money does DemoBuilder cost?

If you are looking to purchase this video recording and tutorial maker software then it will cost you $199 for a one-time payment purchase.


Camtasia is a strong screen recording and video editing application. It let you record desktop, system audio, webcam, and mic simultaneously. It also allows you to import your own music or choose from Camtasia’s royalty-free music library to apply in your videos to make them more attractive tutorial videos. You can also avail amazing discount on this software through Camtasia Coupon.

This one of the best tutorial video maker applications supports Windows and macOS-enabled devices.

Features of Camtasia

Camtasia offers a wide range of useful and unique feature which are outlined below:

  • Camtasia Packages: Camtasia screen recorder provides yours with packages that offer templates, libraries, shortcuts, themes, favorites, and presents in a single file.
  • Editing: It has easy-to-use editing tools. You can easily drag and drop, removing, cropping, trimming, and moving objects in a simplified manner.
  • Pre-Built Assets:  Camtasia provides you with a wide range of royalty-free asset libraries and lets you customize and apply them in your recorded video.
  • Annotation: It offers you hundreds of different annotations and by applying them you can make an easy-to-follow tutorial video. You can use arrows, callouts, sketch motion, etc to highlight important points or parts of your video.
  • Transitions: To flow your video smoothly in between scene, it allows you to use transitions which you can choose from it wide library of transitions.
  • Export: This tutorial maker lets you easily upload your recorded video to Youtube, Vimeo, screencast, or many other online platforms.

How much money does Camtasia cost?

With exclusive maintenance, Camtasia costs you $299.74 or if you don’t opt for maintenance then you can get it for $249.99 for the lifetime.


Like Camtasia, ScreenFlow is another screen recording and video editing software that lets you record and edit the video within the software. It provides you with some unique and powerful editing features such as video & text animations, transitions, freehand annotations, multi-channel audio, and many more. Apart from these features, it has an in-built library that gives access to hundreds of unique media clips to use in your videos.

This software is not supported on Windows devices. It can only work on Mac and iOS devices.

Features of ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow comes with a bundle of all the features that you need to record and edit a tutorial video. Some of the major features are below outlined:

  • High-Quality Recording: ScreenFlow provides you with high-quality screen recording whether you are recording a single tab or multiple tabs, it doesn’t compromise with the video quality.
  • iOS Recording: With the help of ScreenFlow software, you can record your iPhone or iPad screen to make demo videos.
  • Easy to use Interface: ScreenFlow comes with an intuitive interface that provides you all the required tools at your fingertips whenever you need them.
  • CC Support: ScreenFlow is a CC-supported software. You can use the caption editor tool to add, edit, remove or even burn in ADA compliant soft subtitles your video.
  • Media Library: ScreenFlow has an in-built library that offers more than 500,000 media assets to you to use in your videos.
  • Publishing: This tutorial video maker software lets you directly post your videos on popular websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Imgur, and many more.

How much does ScreenFlow cost?

ScreenFlow offers three pricing plans which are as follows:

  1. Starter Pack starts from $129 for a one-time purchase.
  2. Super Pak costs $175 comes with a Stock media library.
  3. Super Pak + Premium Support costs $209. In premium support, it offers phone support, Priority Response, Eligible for Remote Access Services (RAS) & Software updates.

Final Verdict

All the video recording and editing software covered in this article are cheap yet suitable for creating demo and tutorial videos. So if you are still questioning What is some cheap software that you can use for creating tutorials? You can choose any of these software programs and use them as per your preference.