Joining a Bitcoin affiliate program is one of the best ways in which you can earn free bitcoins or money without risking capital in an investment.

By joining one, you can earn bitcoins by promoting the Bitcoin products offered by the exchange or wallet you are currently using. The fact that you are already using their products will make it easy to convince new customers because it shows that you believe in the products.

Affiliate marketing is nothing new. In fact, big companies like Adidas already use affiliate marketing to reach more customers. The good thing about affiliate marketing programs is that anyone is free to join them.

This means that if you are a crypto investor, you can join up with cryptocurrency affiliate programs and start earning straight away.

You also stand to make huge profits from crypto affiliate programs if you run a blog, a website, or have a huge number of social media followers. You just recommend the products and earn according to the number of users referred by you that sign up or upon an agreed commission.

Bitcoin affiliate programs

Joining a Bitcoin affiliate program basically means becoming a crypto affiliate where you promote Bitcoin products. There are several other Bitcoin products you can promote apart from the commonly known Bitcoin trading. You can recommend the buying and holding of bitcoin where users will be earning weekly interest or an APY, or encourage investors to try Bitcoin-backed loans.

You will then earn free bitcoins as a commission and you can earn extra fees from other exchanges as a referral bonus. You have to browse through companies running Bitcoin affiliate programs and check which earning option will best work for you.

Top bitcoin affiliate programs


If you are a seasoned crypto investor, affiliate programs provide additional ways you can earn from crypto other than the normal trading, saving or staking. You will use your extensive knowledge of the crypto market to encourage more people to invest in crypto. YouHodler has one of the best Bitcoin affiliate programs in the market, allowing you to earn a commission for each client you bring on board.

The YouHodler partner program is one of the best because of the number of Bitcoin products available on the platform you can promote. On top of that, you get to choose how you will receive your commission — either in fiat currency, crypto, or as stablecoins. The YouHodler Bitcoin products are characterized by a low fee, high-interest returns, and low-interest crypto loans making them easier to sell.


LocalBitcoins is a popular peer-to-peer crypto trading platform. It helps connect both crypto buyers and sellers both locally and internationally. This platform utilizes escrow services to ensure that a seller cannot lose their crypto unless they have received proof of payment.

LocalBitcoins also runs a Bitcoin affiliate program where you can earn commission by referring users to buy or sell on the platform. You will be given an affiliate link which you share on your blog or website. Any user that joins the platform using your link will earn you a commission.

How bitcoin affiliate programs work

Earning passive income is simple. You will sign up for an affiliate program such as one from YouHodler after which you will be given your affiliate link. You will also be required to provide a Bitcoin address or account where you will receive your commission. You will then share the link and if someone uses the link to make a purchase you earn a commission.