As technology evolves, so does the design of user interfaces. When we look back at previous years, we can see that UI trends and patterns have evolved and transformed into what they are today. As a result, it is becoming harder to create something unique and new. However, there are still many exciting things in store for us in 2021, when it comes to UI design.

1) Minimalism

The trend towards minimalism is not only noticeable when it comes to content on websites but also in terms of interface elements. Although minimalism has been here for some time now, it seems like this year will be even more popular than before. The reason why this might become one of the most popular UI design trends in 2021 is that it not only leaves a clean and sleek impression on users but also allows them to be more focused because it does not distract them with too many unnecessary things.

One way to keep things minimalistic is by creating shadows with whiteness instead of using black or dark grey colors for them. At the same time you can use bright colors in your interface design provided they are mixed with white shades. It will allow you to create simply with little contrasting UI elements

2) Immersive 3D Virtual Worlds

Virtual reality is set to become even more graphic-accurate in the future. It will allow designers to create immersive worlds that users can interact with. But since virtual reality is not yet as mainstream as it should be, 2021 seems like a bit of a stretch for this one. However, there are already some very interesting experiments done by artists and researchers who have been able to truly enhance visual realism, which makes this one seem very plausible indeed.

The use of 2D or 3D graphics in web designing is already trending in websites like Amazon, eBay, etc., where users can view different products easily when they are zoomed in to look at them properly. But 3D visuals will become prominent throughout 2021 due to their exquisite designs and ability to add a realistic effect. By 2021, there will be more 3D elements in web designing that will define your website’s design on the basis of virtuality and high functionality. For eg., you may find a page showing an entire home with furniture placed inside it, giving a real-life feeling to the user about how all items would look like in his/her house!

3) Voice User Interface

Voice-user interface (VUI) design has been around for quite some time now but many are just starting to pay attention to all its benefits. This is mainly due to the fact that most people were more interested in how it could be used for gaming and entertainment purposes, not realizing that it has a lot of unexplored potentials when it comes to its use as a UI design pattern.

However, this is starting to change and we might very well see another technological revolution brought by voice-based interaction – if we haven’t already – making voice an indispensable part of our everyday life. Some of the biggest companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google are already working on their own solutions and experimenting with various applications, whether they pertain to automation or personal assistance tasks.

4) Animated Illustrations

We are moving to a more immersive world where our experience is enhanced by graphics, illustrations, and animations that can be both informative about an object or service/product being offered online as well as entertaining, engaging and interactive. Similar to the Easter eggs in video games or other forms of media, designers will come up with innovative ways to create techniques to convey information through these graphic designs.

The designer presents not only the idea behind the concept but also shapes it into a narrative that explains how it can be beneficial to users. Animated illustrations are often used in web design projects. They demonstrate ideas for interactive elements or illustrate several design solutions before the final one emerges as the best option for your business needs.

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Development technologies make it possible now to include animated images in websites without much effort from designers. However, if you want your website to stand out from others, don’t hesitate to assign this project to a professional illustrator who is well versed in graphic design skills and techniques.

5) Mobile-First Approach

Today, mobile apps are highly preferred by people due to their usability factor. One good example is cab aggregators where users can book cabs from anywhere without worrying about sweat-inducing traffic problems or having no idea how much they should pay for the trip. In this case, attention to detail is very important while designing the website.

Extensive research, worldwide usage trends, and the explosive growth of mobile internet have all contributed to making mobile devices a primary medium for content consumption. As companies realize the need to be present on this platform, more resources are being allocated towards developing apps or responsive websites for mobile device audiences. While using smaller screen sizes affects layout decisions, the greatest challenge would be to design an interface that is simple enough for quick understanding but also flexible enough to accommodate additional information.

For example – social media platforms now allow users to view post histories, whereas image sharing apps allow users to explore photos by date instead of only through the current feed.

6) Storytelling

Web pages should be designed so that they appear more human and engaging to users, rather than just following how other websites have already designed themselves! People want to be connected with experiences instead of being connected to information or entertainment! So web designers should follow this trend while designing a page for their client’s business online presence! I hope this article will help you get closer to adapting all these trends in your next project!

Storytelling Social media apps like Facebook already use storytelling elements in their designs, giving users a sense that they’re part of an emerging story. The key to designing great stories on your website is focusing on the coherence between all elements while prioritizing emotional content over technical accuracy. In other words, you don’t have to be Shakespeare – just put yourself in your user’s shoes and address them directly, using natural language


In the world of web, one should always keep an eye on UI design trends to stay up-to-date with modern times. With the ever-changing technology, it becomes really important for web designers to adapt to these new changes, or else they might end up being obsolete in this industry that is full of competition and opportunities. So, we have listed down all the top UI design trends for 2019 and how you can further improve them in your future project.